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Web Development Case Study

Social Networking Platform Case Study

This is a community platform for requesting and delivering social services. Providers, volunteers, employers, and others work together to break the cycles of poverty, unemployment, and crime.


The platform provides all the necessary functionality of social networking aspects. The following are the key modules:

  • Business directory listing and search. This includes Business own home page showing the services they provided, multiple means of contact management.
  • Organizing events and managing participants. This is also integrated with calendar and notification.
  • A detail discussion forum with the restricted and public board
  • A video, audio, and textual chat system. Have provision for creating the private and public chat room.
  • Have features of Job board where providers can post jobs and seekers can apply. This also includes managing and screening candidates and resume builder.
  • It has a review and rating system for each service as well as service provider

Key Takeaway

The solution covers all aspects of social networking.