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Web Development Case Study

Recruitment Platform Case Study

The platform is a next-generation recruitment platform that connects talented job seekers from diverse backgrounds with employers who are committed to advancing diversity in their workforce.


An integrated job portal that has the following features:

  • Robust scraping engine is developed to procure jobs from multiple sources and which performs cleanup, validation, and relational integrity.
  • A scoring based search engine is implemented providing weight among various factors like distance, priority customer, keyword matching.
  • Batch engine is developed to distribute the jobs through email, Google jobs, other ATS, and automated posting to state job portal for the 52 states of USA.
  • Integrated tracking system is implemented to show statistics on the view and click based on original source of the distribution.
  • Jobs are managed and distributed to other sister networks based on the nature of the jobs like disability, diversity, women, etc.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) activities implemented using Selenium

Key Takeaway

An integrated solution for Assured OFCCP Compliance and Superior Recruiting Results. A robust data ingestion and distribution engine capable of handling millions of jobs distributed to downstream systems